Boxing Day 2022
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APEX Strength program

Make no mistake, this is a program written to maximize your performance and strength on four big lifts (Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Military Press).

While there is some targeted hypertrophy work in Block 1 (Weeks 1-4) this is not a hypertrophy program. Yes, you will get some hypertrophy from the high volume of heavy work; but if your goal is maximal hypertrophy this is not the program for you. Here we are improving strength primarily through increasing force production, desensitizing your body’s protective mechanisms (Golgi Tendon Organs) and improving technical and neurological efficiency on the main lifts.

Throughout this program the loading schemes will become heavier and the proportion of your volume that is spent on the «big 4» will increase. This culminates with Block 3 in which you are performing the main lifts in three of the four workouts per week (with the fourth weekend being an easier workout with some specific isolation work). At this point you will also be performing «supra-maximal» work via Eccentric-only reps with loads heavier than your 1RM.

If you do this and work hard it’s not uncommon for lifter’s to gain up to 10% over these 12 weeks.

Get to work.

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